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Some fantastic canvases the children have created as their reward for reaching the first golden stepping stone on the Attendance Race board!

Our Attendance Racetrack

Picture 1

The aim of the attendance race is for the children to work together and encourage each other to attend school and be on time each day.  If they win the race they have a non-school uniform day.

There are other incentives for each class, when they land on a golden stepping stone, their class achieves an award, there are 4 golden stepping stones and the awards are, creative time, sports with Mr Winram, Film afternoon, Party games.

Some of the classes have enjoyed a movie and popcorn afternoon, food tasting along the theme the class are covering and dodge ball.

The classes also win prizes at the end of term and at the end of the academic year for having the best attendance in Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2.