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Birch (Yr 5)


Our class has just finished reading the amazing book Kensuke's Kingdom, an adventure story where a boy is washed up onto an island and meets a man called Kensuke. Both characters learn from each other until the day that they have to part. The class are now beginning to read poetry and interpret the different texts. 


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We have just finished a unit on poetry. Pupils in Birch Class loved writing and performing poetry. We are now working on creative writing concentrating on the different characters in literature. To celebrate Shakespeare week we looked at the characters and themes in The Tempest and Macbeth. 

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Birch class is learning all about fractions. Last half term we learned to add and subtract fractions with different denominators, we just finished learning to associate fractions and converting fractions to decimals. We are now working on adding and subtracting mixed numbers and fractions. 

Science: Mixtures and Separation. 

Pine Class is investigating mixtures and separations. We have been discovering how some solutes are more soluble than others. In this experiment students are testing how quickly sugar, salt, icing sugar,cocoa powder, and sugar cubes can be dissolved in water.  


Topic: Survival. 

In topic Pine class has been conducting research on how to survive in different environments around the world. We have learned about navigation and contour maps. We are now researching and writing about deadly animals from around the world. 

Reading Home Learning Activity: 


Reminder to keep up with your reading logs and continue to practice spellings. Weekly reading prizes are awarded on Monday. Remember to ask questions about what you have been reading. 

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