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Curious Crow

One bright sunny day, despite it being a bit windy, the Curiosity Crow sat happily on an old wooden branch. The curiosity crow’s feathers were as black as the night sky, and his beak was as yellow as the bright sun and they glistened in the sunshine. His eyes were blue.

As he sat on his branch, suddenly, something caught his eye. He turned around and saw two humans. It was a little boy and his granddad and they seemed to be strolling towards the park.  He wondered why they were going to the park and if they were happy. It made him think of his granddad and what his life was like.

Then, he heard a noise. It was a croaky, creaking, kind of noise. It kept on stopping and starting. It seemed to be coming from the distance. What could it be he wondered?

The curiosity crow has a choice to make. Should he fly off and follow the humans or should he go to investigate what the noise is?

Go to section 2 to follow the humans.

Go to section 3 to investigate the noise.


Section 2

The curiosity crow decided to follow the people as they looked friendly. He gracefully soared through the blue sky high above their heads. As the humans arrived at the park the curiosity crow swiftly swooped down to a tree and sat down. He watched as the little boy climbed up some stairs and slid a long shiny piece of metal. What was that he thought?

What do you think the boy was on? Do you know?

The curiosity crow stayed and watched and hoped to find out what it was. He took a closer look and listened carefully to what the humans were saying. He hoped they might say what the odd looking object was. “WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” the little boy squealed, “I LOVE the slide!”

“That’s it!” The crow thought, this funny looking thing must be a slide.

Now the mystery is solved, what should the crow do next? Should he fly away to investigate the noise he heard earlier? Or should he stay here and keep watching the park?

Go to section 3 to investigate the noise.

Go to section 4 to keep watching the park.


Section 3

 The odd noise had continued and the crow could hear it in the distance.  He’d never heard it before... it was a peculiar. The crow stretched his wings and prepared himself for flight, with a flutter of his silky wings he flew off and headed straight towards the noise. As he swooped and glided through the clouds he could see everyone below him. He wondered where they were going? What were they doing? Who were they?

Who do you think he saw? Can you think of some ideas? (take a few suggestions)

The crow continued to fly and gradually the noise got louder and louder. The crow was beginning to get tired but he knew that if he wanted to find out what the noise was he needed to keep going. After a few minutes the noise was so loud he knew is must be very close. He glanced down and saw a large black circle. As he looked down it was like a giant full stop sitting in someone’s garden!

What could it be? What is round, large, and kept in a garden?

Go to section 5 to find out

OR stop reading... are you curious???


Section 4

The Curiosity Crow decided to get comfy and watch the park for a bit. People were coming and going and he enjoyed seeing what everyone was doing. As he watched children playing and people walking their dogs the crow looked over the fields. He could see something bobbing up and down. Something was appearing over the top of a hedge, but it kept on disappearing. The curiosity stared at it... there it was. Then it went. Oh, there it was again. Then it went again.

How frustrating, the thing kept on going too quickly, the crow couldn’t see what it was. He decided to fly over it to take a closer peek.

Go to section 5


Section 5

The crow saw a little person jumping up and down on what looked like a giant full stop. They were springing into the air and bouncing back down again over and over again. What fun! The curiosity crow wondered what the giant full stop was called.

Do you know now? (take answer from pupil) Let’s see if we’re right....

The curiosity crow was determined to find out what this fun object was called. He was intrigued. As he flew past he could see some writing on the edge of the circle, he decided to fly down to see what it said. Perhaps reading would answer his question...It said “Terrific Trampolines co.”. “This must be a ‘terrific trampoline’ thought the crow. The curiosity crow decided to go and tell his friends what he had found out. The curiosity crow loves solving a mystery!


Section 6

The crow flew off, he was satisfied. The crow had found out new things today because he had been curious. As he flew back over the fields to his home he got excited about all the things he still has to learn about. Why are the crops green? What makes cars go so fast? Why do people put their rubbish in different coloured bins? The curiosity crow understood that if he keeps on asking questions he will always have new things to learn.