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Welcome to Elephants


Summer term 2


Street Detectives

This half term our topic is Street Detectives. 

We will be exploring our local area and creating plans and 3D maps of familiar routes.  

We will be reading and exploring the story 'The Lighthouse keepers lunch' 

In history we will be learning about Lowestoft and how it has changed, comparing the past and present. 


Today we were Cartographers!

We planned and created a map of our route to school. 

We looked at maps and satellite images of our local area to help us. 

As a class we created a key to use. 



3D map making

Today we used maps, satellite images and photos from our local area walk to plot and create a 3D model of our local area.

We worked as teamwork ants to map out and name the roads, we then added on key features of our local area. 



Local area walk 6/6/17 

Today we became Street detectives!

We went on a local area walk to explore the area around our school. 




We have been learning about the Muslim holiday Ramadan. 

We discussed why Ramadan is important and what it means. During the 30 days of Ramadan Muslims try their best to carry out a good deed each day. 

We made our own good deed paper chains. 

Happy Ramadan!


Summer term 1

Pirate craft afternoon 25/5/17 

We invited parents into school to take part in a pirate themed craft afternoon.

We enjoyed listening to the story 'Pirates love pizza', we made our own parrots, plate pirates and split pin pirate puppets. 


Parents also got to see all of our amazing treasure chests that children created for this half terms homework project! 



A big well done to Ella from the Elephants class for winning a pirate prize for the best treasure chest! 


Well done to everyone that took part & a big thank you to all the parents that helped create these wonderful treasure chests! They will be displayed in the school gallery until next half term. 


This half term our topic is 'Land Ahoy' 

We will be finding out about famous pirates and significant events from the past. We will also be using maps, atlases and globes to help us find countries, continents and oceans. 

We will be planning, writing and editing our own pirate stories, creating our own pirate treasure maps using compass directions, and sequencing important pirate events from the past! 


Pirate day 18/4/17




We discovered real life pirates from the past!

We created a timeline of events to show when these famous pirates were alive, we then used a range of non-fiction sources to find out about them.




We used our map skills to find different countries and oceans.  We also used compass directions and a key to create our own treasure maps!


We found out about Australia and in 'Ask It'  we thought about whether we think Australia would have been a good place to drop the anchor if we were pirates in the past. 



Design & Technology 

We made our own Pirate themed moving pictures!




Spring term

Tesco visit 13/3/17

In Design & Technology we are learning about food and where it comes from.

Today Tesco came into school to see us.

We made our own Muesli - we used porridge oats, bran flakes, sultanas, sunflower seeds and cinnamon to make it!

We also tried lots of yummy food! 

Thank you Tesco!



Waveney Bee keeping group visit 8/3/17

Paul & Abi from Waveney bee keeping group came to visit us! 

We asked lots of questions and they told us lots of interesting facts about honey bees! 


Did you know: 

- 1 honey bee makes up to half a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime! 

- Queen bees can lay up to 2000 eggs a day in the summer!

- There are thousands of worker bees in a beehive and they are all female!

- Beekeepers sometimes put a dot on the queen bees so they are easy to find. 


We are bee experts!


We have been using non-fiction texts to help us answer questions about bees in class. 




Butterflies of Britain visit 3/3/17 

Lindsey from Butterflies of Britain came back to work with us this week!

We were butterfly explorers!

We worked as teamwork ants to find out about different butterflies that might visit out butterfly garden that we created during Lindsey's last visit.


Here is what we found out:


Peacock butterfly:

The Peacock butterfly has eye spots on its wings. The wings look like a peacock feather!



Red Admiral:

The Red Admiral loves the sun! It sits with its wings open on a leaf and will sunbathe all day long, its red wings begin to fade as it gets older. (They change colour!) The Red Admiral is the longest living butterfly, they live for around a year! Most butterflies live for a month.


Orange Tip:

The Orange tip butterfly is the first butterfly to fly in Spring. 




Common Blue: 

The Common Blue butterfly is very small! It loves long grass. You will see lots of these in the summer. 



Small Tortoiseshell: 

The Small Tortoiseshell butterfly is half the size of an adults hand! It has a bigger brother butterfly that lives in Europe that is called the Large Tortoiseshell. 


Large White:

The Large White is a large butterfly. 

It is sometimes called a "cabbage white" because they like to eat cabbages! 





Painted Lady:

The Painted Lady was given its name because it looks like it has been painted. 

It travels here every year for a summer holiday! This butterfly come from has a very long journey!



The Gatekeeper butterfly lives in fields and meadows. 

It was given its name because it was often seen around gates onto fields.

You will see lots of these in the summer holidays! 



We had great fun with Lindsey creating our own minibeast hotel! We used a range of materials to make a minibeast habitat for our wildlife garden! 



Bob & Bobette chose Tiana & Caitlin as the best B.O.B explorers!

Well done girls!



World book day Thursday 2nd March


Author visit

We were very lucky to welcome and work with Gracie Wright the author of 'Silly Eric'


She shared some of her stories with us. We asked Gracie lots of questions about being an author!


Senses in science

Today in science we have been exploring our senses!

We blindfolded some of the Elephants class and made them try to eat! They found it very difficult to eat without their sight!

We also matched body parts to our 5 senses, we now know which body parts are used when we use each of our senses. 


We then explored a range of herbs - we ordered the herbs according to strength of smell.



Butterflies of Britain visit 4/1/17 

On Wednesday Lindsey from Butterflies of Britain came into school to work with year 2. 

We had great fun finding out about Butterflies and how different plants can help mini beasts and bugs to survive. 

We used our senses to explore different herbs - some of them were really smelly!

We planted herbs and wild flower seeds in our outdoor area to create our own 'Butterfly garden'


We can't wait to invite our family members in to see our garden later in the term.


Bob & Bobette chose Ella & Lewis as the best B.O.B explorers!




Classroom makeover - The big reveal!

Next half term our topic is 'The Scented Garden'.

On Wednesday 14th December Miss Punchard & the year 2 team gave the Elephant classroom a makeover!

The classroom was revealed to Elephants class the following morning. 


We can't wait for our new topic! 


Autumn term


Key stage 1 space day! 

On Thursday 1st December we celebrated our topic 'To infinity and beyond' 

We had great fun carrying out space themed activities in the year 1 and 2 classes. 

In Miss Punchard's class we carried out a Maths space trail - we hunted for alien envelopes around the school and cracked the alien code!



Look at our amazing Rockets. 


A big thank you to everyone who worked hard at home on their space homework projects. 


Alien visit!

On Monday night when the stars were shining and the moon was bright in the sky, and all the children were tucked up in bed, an alien visited Northfield st Nicholas primary academy! 

When we came to school on Tuesday morning we found a terrible mess!

An alien had broken in through the window and made a mess in our classrooms & activity area!


The police were unable to help us as the cameras had stopped working over night so we investigated the crime scene!


Crime scene investigation


The police were unable to help us as the cameras had stopped working over night so we investigated the crime scene!


Author visit

"When something captures your imagination, write about it!"

On Monday 21st November we were very lucky to welcome and work with Isabelle King the author of 'The Norfolk story book'


Isabelle shared some of her Norfolk stories with us and gave us some fantastic story writing ideas, including how to create a story sandwich!

We had the chance to ask Isabelle some questions and helped her create character profiles, using adjectives to describe them. 


To Infinity and beyond! 


Mission number 1:

 On Wednesday 2nd November we received a letter from Ken  Moon, Chief astronaut at NASA! 


 He wrote to us and asked if we could help him! We were very  excited!

 Ken explained that he would be giving us a space mission,  but  before we could complete it we had to find some things out!


 We worked together as teamwork ants to create a list of things  we think we would need to take with us into space. 

 We also thought about why we would need these things and wrote  sentences using the word 'because'



Mission number 2:

We received another letter from Ken Moon! 

Today we completed our mission! We travelled in a space shuttle to outer space! 




Diwali day 31/10/16 

On Monday 31st October we had a whole school Diwali day. We came to school wearing bright clothes and learnt about the 'festival of light'.

We created our own Rangoli patterns in maths, we watched the story of Rama and Sita 

and described the characters using adjectives. 

We also made our own diva lamps! 




Hector and the Big Bad Knight story cafe. 

A big thank you to all the parents and families that came along to our story cafe! 

We had great fun creating our own jousting scenes! 


Hope to see you again at our next cafe!


Castle Banquet day!

On Friday 30th we had a castle day! We designed our own coat of arms and created our own shields, we learnt medieval dance, had a go at juggling and jousting and had a banquet! 

Children brought in their castle projects. These were judged by Mrs Catchpole...everyone won a prize! They were amazing!




We followed a set of simple instructions and made bread rolls. We will be eating our bread rolls during our castle banquet! 

Next week we will be writing instructions for making bread rolls for someone else to follow!



Author visit!

Over the next few weeks we will be looking at story writing. James Campbell the author of 'Boy Face' visited school to help us prepare for our story writing topic! He shared silly poems and fantastically funny stories with us! 


Thanks James! We can't wait to start creating our own stories!


Framlingham castle trip

On Friday 16th September we visited Framlingham castle. We explored the castle grounds and viewed the poorhouse built within the castle walls. 



Roald Dahl day!

We celebrated Roald Dahl day on Tuesday 13th September.

We came to school dressed as our favourite Roald Dahl characters!


We watched clips from the film, and shared parts of the story. 

We worked as teamwork ants to make our own giant peach, we tasted peaches and described them using adjectives.



The Elephant class have PE on a Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon. 

PE bags should be kept in school for a week and taken home on a Friday if necessary. 

PE Kit: 

Black shorts/trousers, red top, plimsolls/trainers.

All jewellery including ear rings must be removed on PE days.

Photo library!