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Elm (Yr 2)

Welcome to Elm Class!


In maths we are learning our 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables.

Click the links below to practise at home!



Don't forget to practise your spellings!











These will be tested on Friday 6th July. 

World Cup Day!

We celebrated The World Cup on Friday 29th June. 

We found out about some of the countries that qualified.


We also got to play football in an inflatable football pitch! We were split into teams and playing for points. It was great fun! 

   On Monday we will find out which team won they will be presented with a trophy!

Healthy Eating

This week we have been learning all about food groups. 


We discussed good and bad food choices and then made our own fruit kebabs!

The Lighthouse keeper's Lunch

This week we have been reading The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch. 

In English lessons we have been discussing characters thoughts and feelings at different points of the story. 

We created an emotions graph to show how Mr. Grinling felt at different parts of the story. 


Diary writing 

We imagined we were Mr. Grinling on the day the three scavenging seagulls stole his lunch and wrote diary entries. 



In art we have created some impressive lighthouse pictures!


We looked at a variety of lighthouse themed artwork, with different artistic styles. We discussed the techniques the different artists used, bold brushstrokes of colour, smooth blends etc.  and the colour choices they made.

We used chalk pastels to create our lighthouse pictures in our own individual style.



In science we helped Mr.Grinling solve a problem! 

Mr. Grinling's light stopped working! He didn't know what to do. 

We were given a selection of resources that Mr.Grinling had to help him fix his light.

We worked in pairs to try and make the light bulb light up. 


We recorded our circuits in a diagram. Some of us tried using scientific symbols! 



Story Cafe!

During this terms Story cafe, we shared the story 'The lighthouse keepers lunch' with our families. 


We made our own scavenging seagulls! It was great fun! 

Local area explorers


On Tuesday 5th June we went on a local area walk. We explored our local area, looking at the features and buildings around our school.



On Wednesday 6th June we discussed the things we saw whilst exploring our local area. 

We looked at different types of maps and worked together to identify the route we walked. 


We created a class 3D map, we included shops and road names.


It was great fun!

 Plastic Fantastic!

We have been helping Suffolk County Council make waves about recycling single-use plastics and plastic pollution by creating GIANT SEA CREATURES for their display at The Suffolk Show.

We all designed a fantastical sea creature. We then chose two to make. We chose Evie's friendly Sea Turtle, and Ava's scary Vampire Octopus!     


It was a ‘giant’ job! We had to sort, categorise, crush and cut all the plastic that came flooding in – but we rose to the challenge, and combined all that ‘rubbish’ to create sea creature sculptures.


Our creatures were exhibited at The Suffolk Show!

Summer term 

Land Ahoy!

This term our topic is 'Land Ahoy' 

Look at our amazing classroom makeover! 


On our first day back to school we had great fun becoming pirates!

We created our own Pirate names

(and perfected our pirate poses!)


We went on a maths treasure hunt around the school, looking for clues and collecting golden coins!


 We also learnt to talk like a pirate, found out about life on a Pirate ship and all the pirate chores and sang some sea shanties!

Click on the link below to sing along to 'Talk like a Pirate' at home!

School trip

On Wednesday 18th April we visited The Time and Tide museum in Great Yarmouth.

We had great fun being Pirates for the day; helping Captain Kitty Black escape from the worlds best pirate hunter Captain Smythe. 


Captain Smythe

He took us through our paces, teaching us how to be respectable members of the Royal Navy. We learnt to respond to commands, march and use a cutlass to fight and defend!



Treasure hunting!

We went on a treasure hunt around the museum.

We used the map and our compass directions to help us find clues that would lead us to the treasure. We also got to hold and look at some artefacts (Real pirate treasure!)




Captain Kitty Black

We were super sneaky and managed to find Captain Kitty Black hiding in the museum!

She told us all about life on the pirate ship!

We learnt how to talk like a pirate, act like a pirate and did some pirate chores.

We even got to clean, cool and load a cannon to help scare merchant ships so we could steal their treasure! 



Scran and Grog!

We visited the ships mess (where the pirate's sat to eat) a

We learnt that Pirates used to preserve their food by putting it in salt or drying it.


We got to try some Pirate scran...some of it wasn't very nice! 

We also got to try some Grog. (drink)

 Grog is watered down rum with a squeeze of lemon or lime...this is to stop them from getting scurvy (a horrible disease)


Northfield  Book day!

23/3/18 We came to school dressed as our favourite book characters! 

We explored lots of different stories. 


Our spring term topic is  The Scented Garden!


This half term we will be learning all about plants and minibeasts! 

In English we will be reading a range of Jack and the Beanstalk stories. 

We will be learning to "show not tell" and use descriptive sentences to make our writing more exciting. 

We will be planning and creating our own versions of the story!


Can you find any alternative versions of the story? Bring them in to share with your class.

Beanstalk mystery!

When we came back to school after our Christmas holidays something amazing had happened! 

A GIANT beanstalk had appeared in our classroom. 


We have no idea how it got there or where it goes!

What do you think could be at the top of it? 

Non - fiction texts



In English we are exploring non-fiction texts. 


12/3/18 Today we looked at features of non-fiction texts.

We worked together to find and label features of non-fiction texts. 


13/3/18 We went on a fact hunt.

Miss P had displayed facts all around the room. We found out lots of interesting facts about bees.


14/3/18 We asked and answered questions. 

Last week we had a visit from a Beekeeper! We asked him lots of questions & found out lots of interesting facts, however...there was more we wanted to find out!

Today we used non-fiction texts, fact files & pictures to help us  find the answers to our questions. 



15/3/18 & 16/3/18 

We are now honey bee experts!

We know lots of interesting facts about honey bees. We planned and created our own fact pages about bees to share with Year 1.   

9/3/18 Minibeast day!

Today we came to school dressed as minibeasts!

Everyone looked BUGtastic!!

A Royal surprise!

Today we received a very special letter!

Last half term we read the story 'The Queen's knickers' 

We all designed a new pair of royal knickers for the Queen. We planned, edited and wrote letters to the Queen and...she has replied!

Snow day!

Today some of us were lucky enough to get outside and play in the snow! We had snowball fights, built snowmen and made snow angels. 

In science we have been learning about changing materials, in one of our lessons we had to try and keep Sam the Penguin cool and stop him from melting. 

We have decided that Sam the Penguin would have loved the snow!


All children with suitable spare footwear (wellies) will be allowed to play in the snow at play times.


Snow Day Activities

We hope you had lots of fun in the snow last week.

A big thank you and well done to everyone who completed snow day activities! House points will be rewarded to all children who bring their work in to share with their friends!


In maths we have been learning to use written methods.


Macy has been a great Mathsmagician! She has learnt to use column addition. She can now regroup ones and solve 2digit add 2 digit number problems.


26/2/18 In maths we have been using the bar model to help us solve multiplication problems.


Week beginning 5/3/18

This week we have been exploring fractions.

We can now find halves and quarters of a shape.


We are learning about and have explored a range of poems.

We identified rhyming words and alliteration!


Useful link to use at home:

We magpied some of our favourite words and phrases and put them on our working wall to help with our poetry writing.


6/3/18 We have learnt a new poem! (Watch it on the link below)

7/3/18 We worked in groups to perform verses from the poems, we even added some actions!! 


The worm that wouldn't wiggle

Still image for this video


We planned our own minibeast poems!

We created our own rhyming sentences and put them in order. 

We performed our poems to the class!

Oscar's minibeast poem

Still image for this video

Esme's minibeast poem

Still image for this video


Minibeast explorers

6/3/18 We were minibeast fact finders today! We worked together to find facts about minibeasts in and around the classroom. We had great fun, worked collaboratively and now know lots of facts about minibeasts.


Minibeast hunt!


7/3/18 We went on a minibeast hunt in our wildlife area. We were super minibeast explorers and put all the minibeasts back in their habitats when we were finished.


Science Investigation

How can we make a waterproof minibeast home?


8/3/18 Today we were super scientists. We know minibeasts like to stay dry so we tried and tested different materials to see which would be best to use as a roof on our minibeast homes. 

We had great fun! 

Each group got to vote for their 'Master Builder' this person was in charge of building the home from lego. (with a little help from their friends!) 



The rest of the group worked together to create a roof out of a range of materials. 



We tested the materials by making it rain!


Which material do you think would be best?


Float or sink?

This week in science we made predictions about which baots (depending on their shape) would float or sink. 

We used plastercine to make boats of different shapes and sizes and tested our predictions. 



In Design and Technology we followed instructions to make play dough. We then used our sense of smell to change the scent of our play dough!



Christmas celebrations

We have learnt about Christingle. 

We made our own christingles in class and learnt about what each part of the christingle represents. 



Christmas story cafe

On Monday 11th December Elm class had their Autumn term story cafe. 

We read the story 'A letter to Santa'

We magpied ideas from the text and wrote our own letters to Santa, we have taken them home to post! 


A big thank you to everyone who was able to come along!


Autumn Term 2 Topic

Beat, Band Boogie!

We explored the rhyme 'The Grand Old Duke of York'. Children sequenced events from the rhyme. 



We reported on the incidents in the rhyme for our class newspaper! We used thesauruses to find new, ambitious vocabulary! 



We read the beginning of 'The Tin Soldier' 

We predicted what we thought might happen next, we planned and recorded our own version of the story! 

We used the working wall, and other things around the classroom to help us with our story writing.




Happy Halloween from The Elm class!


We read 'Room on the Broom' by Julia Donaldson.


We planned and created our own potion poems!

We helped Winnie the witch make a magic potion to create a new broomstick.

We visited the super scary supermarket and used only scary ingredients!




Autumn term 1 Topic 

Towers, tunnels and turrets.

 This half term we have been learning about castles and castle life. 

We have been using non-fiction texts to help us find out information and interesting facts. 


In History we learnt all about William the Conqueror and The Battle of Hastings! 

We used hot seating to ask William the Conqueror questions and find out more about him. 

We know lots of fun facts about him! 


We went on a trip to Framlingham castle, we explored the castle grounds.