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Focus Fox

In the early hours of the morning the wind rushed between skyscrapers as clouds zoomed in front of the full moon. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck as fast as a blink of an eye and a clap of thunder shattered the silence. It started to rain. And it was torrential... Focus Fox felt miserable.

Sitting in the city park was no fun. Not only was it a lonely place, it was very untidy where people had left litter lying everywhere. Focus Fox was not a fan of litter and he couldn’t help but wonder why people couldn’t just put it in the bin as he did! Crisp packets and all manner of rubbish swirled around in the gusty wind. And the polluted air was unpleasant to breathe in as cars sped by. The city never slept and it was always noisy.

As his red fur became saturated and he begun to shiver, Focus Fox decided enough was enough! He needed to bring about a change. He needed a goal; something to aim for. At that moment he decided city life just wasn’t for him and the country was where he would find happiness. And so began his journey!

Focus Fox packed what few possessions he had, studied a map carefully and chose what he thought was the best route to the country.

The next morning he crawled out of his burrow. He saw the extermination van go past so he ran up onto the roof but they could still see him and started climbing onto the roof. Focus Fox tried to escape but the exterminator followed him wherever he went. He landed on a glass roof and he heard it cracking slowly like an iceberg. Then the glass shattered and he fell into the pizza factory getting covered in sticky tomato sauce as he did.

The exterminator burst through the factory doors. As Focus Fox tried to scramble away he slipped on some tomato sauce. “Ha, I’ve got you surrounded fox!” shouted the exterminator picking him up and placing him in a small cage. Focus Fox was squished up and very cramped; he felt very sore.

The exterminator put the box onto the back of his truck to take him to the zoo. Focus Fox stuck his focus fingers outside the box and gave the signal for help. Resilient Robin and Perseverance Tortoise saw the signal and immediately raced into action. They jumped onto the back of the truck and saw the giant lock on the box. “Oh man, we haven’t got the key, how are we going to break the lock?” Perseverance Tortoise had an idea, if they rocked the cage backwards and forwards it may fall off the truck onto the ground, the cage may break open. It was worth a try!

The first time it didn’t work, nor the second and it didn’t work the third time either! “Oh no” said Perseverance Tortoise, “It’s not working”. So they called the whole gang and by working together with the Teamwork Ants, they managed to topple the cage off the truck smashing the lock open. The whole gang rushed off. Focus Fox knew that he needed somewhere to sleep that night so his quest continued.

By sunrise the rain had cleared as he emerged from a hole at the base of a tree. He stretched, looked at his map and continued on his journey remaining focussed on what he wanted to achieve – reaching the countryside where he could watch the stars twinkling above in the night time sky!

As he approached the Statue of Liberty he noticed cameras were flashing, not just in one direction but every direction, as celebrities posed in front of fancy cafes as they took a break from filming their new movie, “Timbuck 2!”

“Sheeew!” they cried as Focus Fox ambled by, “Get out of here you horrid creature!” others yelled. People were mean and whilst you might think Focus Fox would be sad this was not the case at all! In fact he remained calm thinking only of his goal – to get to the country. This made him very happy and he knew he would achieve his dream no matter what people said to him. Throughout he remained focussed on seeing his growth mindset friends again and he knew Curiosity Crow would be full of questions he would have to answer!

Focus Fox breathed in the cool, clean, fresh air as he sat down to admire the stunning view. It felt warm as the sun smiled down on him!

As he gazed out across the countryside from his hillside perch Focus Fox noticed elegant flowers that were the colours of the rainbow stretched across the meadow as far as the eye could see. Bees were sipping nectar whilst exquisite butterflies danced around each and every beautiful flower. Dragonflies chasing flies around him, birds were chirping from an ancient oak tree at the edge of the forest, and best of all: a beautiful rainbow arched from the ancient forest to the front door of his new home where there was an amazing golden flower!

Focus Fox was very happy and smiled from ear to ear! He had achieved his dream and had done so by focussing on what he wanted to achieve throughout his journey even when things were not going as he wanted!