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Growth Mindset

The Growth Mindset is the belief that an individual can develop intelligence and skills limitlessly through their attitude and motivation. Having a Growth Mindset means that people can achieve great success in whatever area they desire to as a result of dedication and hard work.

At Northfield St Nicholas Primary we firmly believe that all children can exceed expectations and accomplish incredible things. To help them with this we are trying to promote the children thinking of themselves as having “Growth Mindsets”.

Our Growth Mindset characters help the pupils to understand key qualities which, when combined, create a Growth Mindset.


Each character features in its own story written by the children. 

Click on the character or name below to read the story.

Curious CrowFocus FoxPerseverance TortoiseResilient RobinTeamwork AntsYoucan Toucan

Growth Mindset song

Still image for this video
Our Growth Mindset song, written by Mrs Saunders, sung by years 5 and 6.