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Hazel (Yr 1)

Summer term - Enchanted woodland

This term our topic is Enchanted woodland. Our classroom has been transformed into a wood with flowers and fairy doors. 

Whilst we were at assembly today someone came in and destroyed our classroom! We were shocked to see what had happened! With our partner we had to find any clues to help us find out who it could have been. Check back later to find out who it was.








Spring term - Dinosaurs!

Our current topic is Dinosaurs! We have been learning about Mary Anning and why she was a significant person. We enjoyed finding out more about the work she did and making fact files about her. We are looking forward to our trip to Jurassic Journey and hope to see some life like dinosaurs.
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Writing - Today we had to follow instructions to make rice krispie cakes. We discussed the features of instructions and found the bossy verbs in each instruction. We are looking forward to writing our own instructions to help other people to be able to make their own cakes. 


Maths - This week we are learning about repeated addition and multiplication. Keep practising counting accurately!


Shared reading - Our current book is Elmer. 


How you can help your child at home:

  • Daily reading and phonics work.
  • Recognising numbers to 100 and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.
  • Practise forming your letters correctly and spelling your high frequency words.


Some useful websites:

Snow day homework

We hope you are all enjoying having fun in the snow and we are looking forward to hearing your stories on Monday. Over the next few days we would like you to complete the following:


Maths - How many 3D shapes can you make out of the snow? Take a photo to show us.


Science - What happens to snow indoors? Collect some snow in a cup or bowl and bring indoors. What happens? Can you draw a picture and write about what you saw?


Reading - Choose your favourite book to share with an adult at home.


Remember to share your photos with us on facebook!




In our writing sessions this week we have enjoyed learning the actions to help retell 'The story of Charlie' Can they retell the story to you?


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Picture 2
Picture 3

This term our topic is Dinosaurs. Our classroom has been transformed into Dinosaur world! We particularly enjoyed exploring our dinosaur themed reading corner.

We started the term by finding out lots of facts about a T-Rex and created posters in groups.

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Picture 2

Autumn - Super heroes

This half term our topic is superheroes! We have been learning about how to be healthy and what makes a good super hero.
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We visited Tesco to learn about which foods are healthy and the school nurse came in to teach us about exercise.
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Picture 2
We read 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra.
Picture 1

We designed our own Supertato.

We made a wanted poster for the evil pea!