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Intervention Board at Northfield St Nicholas


At REAch2, we are committed to having local governing bodies in our schools, to make sure that decision making and the monitoring of performance happen at as close a level to the school and its community as possible.


However, following the departure of some governors in summer 2017 and significant changes in school leadership, REAch2 have put in place an Intervention Board (IB), as a temporary measure to help steer and oversee the work of the school.


The IB will be made up of experienced REAch2 staff, who are in a position to support the school leadership, challenge progress and recruit new governors to create a full local governing body in future. IBs usually last no more than 1 year and it is possible, if it is felt that it would be appropriate to hand over to an LGB, to do so earlier than this.


The members of the IB are:

Siobhan Chester - Head of Governance and Policy (REAch2)

Iain Owens - Headteacher

David Holland - Chair, Regional Board East Anglia


Rebecca Witt Clerk


For any enquiries about the governance issues raised, please contact the Clerk through the school office.


Further information can be found on the REAch2 website or in the terms of reference of the Intervention Board.

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