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We are very proud of our school library and look forward to sharing with you all the amazing events and activities that take place throughout the school day and at other times too.


Join Curiosity Crow and explore!

Reading For Pleasure


The Lion Library, along with our class reading corners, and dedicated areas throughout the school, are well stocked with a broad range of books to suit all ages and abilities, including provision for SEN and EAL.  


The shelves are full of popular authors but we also like to encourage children to try lesser known authors, like Peter J Murray, now our very own Patron of Reading!


Genres include adventure, comedy, spooky books and lots more. We also have a good range of classics and our non-fiction support topics studied in class.  We also have a range of poetry, Shakespeare and joke books too!


Of course we wouldn't have a library without books but we also have comics, newspapers and children have access to laptops so they can use a range of online programmes. This ensures children are exposed to a variety of reading material to enrich their reading experience and develop their reading skills.

We are also members of the School Library Service whose staff offer excellent advice and support

Over the past two years we have had the pleasure of several visits by author Peter J Murray. Peter has been a fantastic inspiration for our children with his enthusiastic and interactive storytelling style, which includes getting the children involved in role play.  For 2015/16 Peter has become our Patron of Reading ensuring a special relationship with our school.

Please click on the link below to find out more about our termly Storycafes.