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Narwhals (Yr 5)


Here you can find out what the children in Narwhal class are learning about and when. We will also share any key dates and notices with you.



Our new topic is 'Stargazers'

Journey through space, the final frontier… Navigate beyond the sun: the magnificent, blazing star at the centre of the solar system.

Investigate the eight planets – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Take a look at the moon, a celestial body that orbits the Earth.

Then it’s three, two, one…. BLAST OFF! Build and launch a rocket for an important test mission.

Exploring space is probably the greatest adventure that humankind has ever undertaken. Are we alone or are there other life forms out there?



What are your children learning this week? 
(Week Beginning 10.09.18)


Maths - In maths, we will be learning how to multiply and divide using the formal written methods. They will be building on previous learning and challenging themselves by multiplying 3-digit whole numbers by 2-digit whole numbers.



English - In English, the children will be writing a newspaper report about an alien landing! They will be using quotes to express witness opinions and learning to include relative clauses to add more information to their writing.


Reading - This half-term Year 5 will be reading Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. Next week, the children will be continuing to read Kensuke’s Kingdom. They will be reading in pairs to assess reading fluency and develop targets to improve.


Topic -  In Topic, the children will be continuing investigating the life of Galileo Galilei and learning about his impact on scientific methods still used today. 


Dates for the diary

September 24th - Maths homework booklet due. 


Key Messages

Thank you for your ongoing support with uniform, the children looked extremely smart last week. 


The children will be swimming each week on a Thursday morning for the first half term.


Spellings will be tested each Friday.


PE Days  - Monday

                 Wednesday every second week (week 2) 





Times Tables

Children will be expected to know all of their times tables by Christmas. Here are some ideas to help you at home to learn them.

  • Recall the times tables in a chant. It is important to chant the whole statement, rather than just the answers.
  • Practice starting the times tables in different orders.
  • Create times tables dominoes. Can you match the question to the answer?
  • Create the times tables by grouping objects that you have around the house.
  • Play times table bingo.
  • Create a times table song.
  • Use online games - example in the link below.
  • Practice them walking to school.