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Oak (Reception)

Welcome to Oak Trees Class! 


Current learning in class: Why do Zebras have Stripes?

Topic Overview: We have been looking at animals that live in Africa. What kinds of things do they eat? Where do they live? What do they look like? 


Maths: We are learning how to put numbers in order and how to find one more and one less. 

Reading: We are learning how to read words and sentences. 

Writing: We are learning how to write words and sentences. 


Things you can do to help at home: 


Play Simon Says by sounding out words. E.g. Simon says can you h-o-p?


Middle up the numbers in your child’s book bag. Can they put them back in the right order? 


Draw a picture and encourage your child to sound out and write some words. 


Look at a book together all about African Animals. What do you already know? What can you find out? 


Here are some websites to look at together:


Snow Day Challenge!


We hope you are all making the most of the snow days and having lots of fun, Oak Trees. What an exciting time it is! Please make sure you are all staying safe and warm.

We have loved seeing your photos on Tapestry of all of your fun in the snow, please carry on uploading so we can put them all on the class page. 


For now, why not cosy up in the warm with a nice book. Can you upload a photo of you reading a book in your favourite reading place and tell us what your favourite part of the book is?

Be creative and make a snowman picture. How about a challenge? Because we love a challenge! Can you label it? Show off your super writing and creative skills and send us a photo of your work by uploading it to Tapestry. 

We look forward to seeing all of your fantastic photos and ideas!

Enjoy the snow days and we will hopefully see you on Monday!


The Great Animal Escape!


The Oak Trees were very shocked this week to find a video that was sent to us. The video showed some escaped animals running around our outside area. We watched the video several time with our binoculars on so we could look for clues. We also looked for clues outside and inside the classroom.


In the video we saw elephants, rhinos, giraffes and zebras. We tried to figure out how they got into the outside area by looking for clues outside. We found footprints, fur and even animal poo!

Some of the children thing the animals might be lost and some of them think the animals might be hunting for some food as our outdoor area is right near the kitchen. 

We hope we get to the bottom of this very soon! 





Animal Escape!

Still image for this video