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Our Parent Volunteers do a Fabulous Job ~ We are a TEAM!!

Our Parent Volunteers do a Fabulous Job ~ We are a TEAM!! 1
Our Parent Volunteers do a Fabulous Job ~ We are a TEAM!! 2

Welcome to our Parent Volunteers Page. Here you can read all about the various ways our parents contribute towards the school day and how you can become involved.

A Growing Team


Back in September 2014 we sent out a request for parent volunteers to help listen to children read. At first, take up was slow, and speaking to parents, it became apparent that they were apprehensive about working in a school environment. However, with lots of encouragement, and a training programme that includes safeguarding and an introduction to help them settle in, we now have 12 volunteers in school.

At Northfield, we recognise the important contribution that parents make and how crucial positive engagement is to the children and wider school community. Volunteers now support subjects across the curriculum and extracurricular activities too, such as discos, even dancing with the children!  We also now have two wonderful grandparent volunteers, Mrs Parker and Mrs Tindsley. We aim to continue to grow our team and will keep you updated about all the fantastic work they are doing ~ their support is invaluable!


It is important to recognise that volunteering is a two way process; not only do the children and school benefit from the extra support, but likewise, parents improve their own career prospects, confidence, which all have a positive impact on the whole family.


In addition to parents we have students from local school and colleges undertaking work placements. These volunteers also make a terrific contribution toward school life, and again, we enjoy being part of their career path.  


If you would like to know more, then please contact Julie Gulliver, Community Engagement Lead, on 01502 563528. We look forward to hearing from you!