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Perseverance Tortoise

Today was a big day. The crowd gathered around the playing field, everyone was very excited for the final race at Northfield St Nicholas’ Sports Day.  The competitors this year were lined up, stretching and getting ready to try their best to win the race. However, one competitor was beginning to feel nervous... the tortoise stood on the start line and looked around anxiously. “The other people in the race are much quicker than me,” he thought. He sighed and stepped up to the line, preparing for the starting pistol to be fired.

“BANG!” the pistol shot was as loud as a volcano. The race had begun. The tortoise got off to a slower start than the others and some of the crowd laughed at him. The people watching cheered and whooped as the hare zoomed into first place. The tortoise scurried on, his little legs going as fast as they could.

After a while the hare stopped by the adventure playground and laugh at the tortoise; he was so far behind! The hare decided to sit by a rough tree stump for a rest; he lounged around the tree and slowly fell asleep. Meanwhile the tortoise continued in his steady rhythm, keeping his eyes fixed on the end of the race. He crept past the snoozing hare and raced through the adventure playground. He was half way through the race course now and he was determined to keep going.

Suddenly, the hare woke up with a fright; he didn’t mean to fall asleep! He jumped to his feet and began to sprint towards the tortoise. The hare laughed as he dashed past the tortoise but the marvellous tortoise ignored him and just kept on going. The tortoise had a growth mindset and was determined to carry on and try his best in the race, even if the hare was a lot quicker than him.  The tortoise watched as the hare ran far, far, away but then he stopped to chat to some of his friends. He was laughing and showing off. The tortoise continued to run as fast as he could and he began to catch up with the hare who was still distracted.

After a while the tortoise had caught up with the hare, and then snuck past! The finish line was in sight now! The sun was shining brightly reflecting off the tortoise’s shell as he ran towards the crowd waiting at the finish line. The tortoise smiled, he felt like he was as fast as Usain Bolt! The tortoise ran and as he crossed the finish line gave out a big cheer – he had done it! He had won the race! The crowd cheered and clapped and the tortoise grinned, he was happy and proud. He thought he couldn’t win but because he persevered he succeeded!