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Pine (Yr 5)

Dr. Vampnstein (A wonderful story by Olivia)


Our current class read is Percy Jackson it is an exciting and engaging adventure story. We are encouraging reading with weekly prizes! The below picture is of our story cafe which took place last term. 


We are writers. We have just finished a unit on poetry. Pine class was very inspired even writing poems at break time. In the photo below the students are doing a choral reading of a poem. We are now working on narratives. 


Pine class is learning all about fractions. In the last term we have covered the addition and subtraction of proper fractions, improper fraction, and mixed numbers. We also spent time converting fractions into decimals. This coming week we are going to be challenging ourselves with fraction word problems. 


Topic: Survival. 

In topic Pine class has been conducting research on how to survive in different environments around the world. We have learned about navigation and contour maps. We have just finished learning about deadly animals and doing some creative writing.  This coming week we will be learning about shelters. We will need to evaluate shelters and then design our own. 


Science: Mixtures and Separation. 

Pine Class is investigating mixtures and separations. We have been discovering how some solutes are more soluble than others. In this experiment students are testing how quickly sugar, salt, icing sugar,cocoa powder, and sugar cubes can be dissolved in water.