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Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education is a chance to discuss the wider community we live in; the choices we make in life; and how this can affect us. 

Year 1

Autumn term - Citizenship (School community); Relationships (friendship); Health and Careers (People who help up). 

Spring term - Relationships (How do I feel); Health (How have I changed); Financial capability (Learning about money). 

Summer term - Health (Illness and accidents); What have I achieved?

Year 2

Autumn term - Citizenship (School community); Relationships (Friendship)

Spring term - Health (Body parts)

Summer term - Health (Diet); Media (Television and me); What have I achieved?

Year 3 

Autumn term - Citizenship (Community boundaries and ground rules); Health (Alcohol and tobacco); Relationships (Friendship)

Spring term - Relationships (Peer influences); Careers and work (Local community); Health (Growing up and changing)

Summer term - Media and financial capability (Media influence and me); Citizenship (School community); What have I achieved?

Year 4 

Autumn term - Citizenship (Community boundaries/Ground Rules); Financial capability (Learning about money); Relationships (Family networks and Friendship)

Spring term - Health (Preparing for puberty); Health (Medicines and other substances)

Summer term - Citizenship (The local community); Relationships (Dealing with your own feelings and emotions); What have we achieved?

Year 5

Autumn term - Relationships (How do I behave); Health (Emergency responses); Financial Capability (Learning about money)

Spring term - Media (Me and my computer)

Summer term - Health (Healthy Lifestyle); Health (puberty); Health (Alcohol, tobacco and solvents); What have I achieved?

Year 6

Autumn term - Media (Media influences); Health (peer influences); 

Spring term - Citizenship (Global citizenship); Citizenship (Supporting others); Careers and work (Learning about employment); What have I achieved?

Summer term - Relationships (Growing up); Health (Becoming a teenager); Health (Alcohol, tobacco and solvents)