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Resilient Robin

A gentle breeze danced through the garden as the first golden leaf fell from the ancient tree. Glorious, gleaming yellow tulips grew in the bottom right corner of the garden where a shed was hidden amongst the scrub.

The shed was old and had a broken window. Weeds were growing everywhere: down from the roof, through gaps in the wooden panels, even between the floorboards.

The days were growing shorter heralding the arrival of winter. One frosty winters’ morning Resilient Robin decided now would be a good time to build a nest so she could keep warm for the winter.

Resilient Robin stood and made a list in her head of what she needed to build a good nest. She thought of: fluff, sticks, twigs and leaves.

She flew to the recycling centre and found some old and dusty pillows. Then collected a beak full of pillow fluff and flew back to the garden. She spent the next few hours collecting twigs and leaves. After taking a break to catch her breath she started to construct her nest in the garden.

When this was nearly completed she took a step back and admired her work so far.

As darkness arrived she realised she would not have time to finish that day which meant she would have to sleep in the bare bushes again but she knew this would be the last night and tomorrow it would be finished. As she drifted to sleep she said, “What a nest this will be!”


That night a roaring wind swept through the garden! Resilient Robin was in for an unpleasant surprise when she woke up for the nest had been destroyed. Shattered sticks were scattered everywhere. It wasn’t a pretty sight!

“Oh, my gosh! The nest is gone! How long have I been asleep?!” exclaimed Resilient Robin feeling slightly sad. However, she did not get upset, she simply said, “I will build another straight away!” However, as she didn’t want the same thing to happen again she chose somewhere different.

She thought the shed at the bottom of the garden would be more sheltered and went to investigate. She found a crack in the shabby shed with the broken window. It was lovely! And just what she needed.

Yet again Resilient Robin started to create another nest. As she was building she thought very positive things whilst she was doing so.

For the second time Resilient Robin stepped back and admired her handy work. “This is going to be the one, the one that survives anything!” beamed Resilient Robin.


Finally, she was able to add the finishing touches: some dog fur and feathers to keep her warm during the chilly nights ahead. The watering can she built her nest in kept her snug and warm throughout the winter. Once completed, she was finally sheltered from the cruel weather, “Now I have peace from this terrible weather. “

One blustery April morning Resilient Robin was walking to school with her friends. She waited patiently in the playground for the headmaster to blow the whistle. While she was waiting she overheard her friends talking quietly together. She thought they were acting quite suspiciously so she didn’t want to get involved.

In class Resilient Robin saw her friends where sending messages across the table to each other during English. Resilient Robin did not want to get into trouble so when the note was passed to her, she calmly threw it into the rubbish bin beside her. Her friends were annoyed with her they said “Why did you do that? You spoil sport, you wrecked our game!” Resilient Robin knew she had made the right choice so she didn’t get upset by her friend’s unkind words. She left them to calm down and went off to find her other friends the Team Work Ants.

She found her friends the Team Work Ants on the playground at playtime and went up to them and asked if she could play. “Yes of course you can play with us,” said the Team Work Ants cheerfully. So she joined in with their game of hide and seek. Suddenly she tripped over a rough, jagged tree stump and grazed her knee. Everyone went quiet for a second, then some of the children started laughing at her, “Ha-ha-ha! You’re not good at anything.” they sniggered meanly.

However, Team Work Ants were more sympathetic and went over to check she was ok and helped her up. Resilient Robin thanked the Team Work Ants and thought to herself, “Yes I am good at things,” “I am not going to let those pesky children upset me, I know that I will do well as I am a superstar”. Resilient Robin believes you should always think positive and resilient thoughts just like her.


The longest day of the year arrived and it was an exquisite morning; birds were tweeting from high in the trees.

Resilient Robin and her football team were travelling to Long Lost Wembley deep in the jungle to play in the cup final. Animals from all over the jungles were on their way to watch.

When the team arrived they started to concoct a secret plan. The plan was to use the width of the pitch and use the space wisely. When they sprinted onto the pitch Resilient Robin saw her family and friends. She waved at them whilst smiling happily!

The whistle blew and they kicked-off. Almost straightaway You Can Toucan had a chance to score...  Unbelievably he slipped. “Ouch!” he yelled. The psysio came to help him off the pitch where he had a rest.

The goalkeeper came out to collect the ball but instead swept Giraffe’s giant long legs from underneath him. Giraffe flew through the air like a bad ballet dancer before tumbling to the ground and getting tangled up in the goal net!

The referee ran up and pointed at the spot; it’s a penalty! Giraffe did not want to take the penalty so Resilient Robin decided to take it herself.


Unfortunately, she missed! Everybody was distraught and disheartened. However, Resilient Robin did not worry and carried on with greater determination.

Then disaster struck! A calamitous back pass from Giraffe, who wasn’t having the best of games, lobbed the goal keeper who was waving to his parents at the time. Team Fixed Mindset 1 – 0 Team Growth Mindset!

Two minutes later Team Growth Mindset were awarded a second penalty after Bear deliberately handled the ball, bursting it with his razor sharp claws.

Caterpillar would have taken the penalty but he was taking too long to put his boots on! Therefore, Resilient Robin stepped up. The atmosphere in the arena was electrifying.

Resilient Robin felt a little nervous as she waited for the referee to blow the whistle, but she remained focussed. The referee blew the whistle and Resilient Robin calmly placed the ball in the bottom right hand corner. The crowd went wild with excitement as the music played.

The crowd were now on the edge of their seats as there was only one minute left when a miracle happened; You Can Toucan, who was now back on the pitch, took shot which curled into the top right hand corner. 2-1 to Team Growth Mindset. They had done it, they had won and lemonade was sprayed everywhere!

Resilient Robin’s message to you all is when things go wrong you don’t sit around feeling miserable, you get back up and get on with it!