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Science provides an opportunity for pupils to develop and explore their curiosity. At Northfield

St. Nicholas Primary Academy, we aim to channel this enthusiasm and willingness to experiment

into the ability to explain scientific concepts in detail.

We strive to offer pupils a curriculum rich in practical experiences. By providing a range of

opportunities for children to explore the world around them, through topic based learning, the

pupils will be able to:

 Develop a positive and confident attitude towards Science and to achieve well in the


 Use their scientific knowledge to question and explain the world around them with

increasing confidence.

 Build skills around scientific enquiry when learning about life processes and living things,

materials and their properties and physical processes.

 Develop an enquiring mind.

 Use maths to interpret, predict, explain, and solve scientific problems involving as many

practical experiences as possible.

 Use English to articulate their ideas and record their thoughts creatively.

 Develop their ability to work independently and co-operatively, as appropriate.

 Understand the implications of science, not just today, but also in the future.

Science provides the pupils with the chance to learn a range of skills which they can use

throughout their life.


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