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Sports Club

P.E. at Northfield with Mr Winram


We encourage our children to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. We also use our Growth Mindset characters to help us achieve in P.E and together we promote good physical development in all areas. Mr Winram and the staff firmly believe that here at Northfield the children are so enthused in their P.E lessons and gain so many benefits from their sporting activities.


The P.E lessons are always FUN, SAFE, CHALLENGING and of course there is always plenty of great learning through the children’s physical activity/group discussions.

We offer a wide range of high quality extra-curricular activities/sports clubs. Our aim is to provide as much opportunity as possible so that as many children can take part in sport. In P.E we cover many different activities/sports over the academic year; Gymnastics, Dance, Games, Swimming, Athletics, Teamwork, Multi Skills, Orienteering, Fitness and much much more!


Sports Day’s at Northfield are always one of the highlights of the school calendar with so many parents/carers and family in attendance to watch and support their children compete and enjoy an afternoon of sports.


Mr Winram says, “Sport is my passion. Working with our young children to help them achieve through sport is why I get out of bed in the mornings! Sport has the power to change the world, it has the power to inspire, it has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It also speaks to our young children in a language they understand.”

Oscar – Reception (Caterpillars) “Its good, because I like it! I like playing the games and I like getting fit and strong from it!”

Brooke – Yr2 (Elephants) “I really enjoy P.E it’s FUN and we play lots of exciting games, plus we have you Mr Winram!”

Evrin – Yr3 (Penguins) “Its really good and FUN which makes me happy because we learn different things and play different sports”

Jazmin – Yr5 (Giraffes) “Well…..P.E is fun because you get to do lots of things you like and you also learn lots from it. Our P.E teacher Mr Winram is very well skilled but he always nags about bringing our P.E kits to school!”