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Stingrays (Yr 6)

Welcome to the Stingray class

Week beginning 11.2.19


We are halfway through the academic year!



Children, will be discussing what a protest is and consider the predicament of the varmints.

They will also be analyzing the end of the story ‘Varmints’ and discussing whether the end could actually be a beginning.



We will be looking at percentages problems in relation to ratio. Children will then be applying their skills to SATs style questions.


Following the children’s latest test results, we will be addressing areas of weakness to ensure the children are ready for their SATs.


Reading- In reading comprehension, children are beginning to answer inference questions. They will continue to practise this. They will also continue to do this in timed conditions to best prepare them for SATs and to enable them to complete a reader paper quickly and accurately.


Topic- Children will continue their science work on classifying living things.



Week beginning 4.2.19


Year 6 will be having their practise mock SATs week.


Week beginning 28/1/19

All children now have a ‘Times Table Rock Stars’ account. They can still access their Pixl times table app. Please make sure your child practices their times tables regularly on both.


English- In reading comprehension, children are beginning to answer inference questions. They will continue to practise this. They will also continue to do this in timed conditions to best prepare them for SATs and to enable them to complete a reader paper quickly and accurately.


Writing-Children will look at a balanced argument in depth.


Maths- We will be using analysis of recent SATs practice papers to fill gaps. 


Topic- Children will be classifying plants according to their characteristics. 


New homework was handed out on Friday (maths arithmetic and grammar papers). This homework is due back Friday 8th February.

Please encourage your child to pack their bag the night before so they do not forget things such as PE kits and homework. 


Week beginning 21.1.19


What a great start to our Spring term. 


English- Children will be focusing on writing a debate this week: Should the varmints stop thinking and accept the changes as a sign of positive progress?


Maths- In mathematics this week, children will be looking at multiplication and division methods.


Reading-For reading comprehension, children will continue to focus on retrieval questions. They will then start to look at inference questions, where they are required to look further into the text for key points to answer the question.


Topic- Children will continue to develop their skill in classifying, identifying many ways to classify living things.


SATs home learning is due Friday 25th January.


PE will always be on a Friday afternoon, but there will also be a session earlier in the week which will not always be on the same day. PE kits in school all week please. Some children are forgetting their kit. Please remind them to get their school things ready the evening before so they practise preparing their school equipment independently, ready for high school. 


Please make sure you read with your child at least three times  week and it is recorded in their reading diary. These are checked every day.


Week beginning 14.1.19


We’ve made a great start to the new Spring term. All the children have embraced the new groups and timetable changes made following the assessments they completed at the end of the Autumn term. SATs based homework will now start to come home regularly. Children have a maths reasoning paper and a reading comprehension paper. Both of these are due back Friday 25th January.

There are just 4 months until SATs week, so it is vital your child is in school, each day and on time so they do not miss any of their learning.


Topic- Children will have a science-based focus and be looking at 'living things and classification'.


Reading- For reading comprehension, children will be focusing on retrieval questions. They will be recapping key steps in finding the answer and explain how they can use language within the question to locate what they are looking for in the text.


Writing- The children have started a new book called ‘Varmints’ by Helen Ward and Marc Craste. The children have been looking at poetry and how the author can use language to set the mood. Next week, children will be looking at the film Varmints and identifying how language used can paint a picture in the reader’s mind. They will also be writing and performing their own poetry.



Maths- In mathematics this week we will focus on addition and subtraction methods. Also, we will be focusing on times tables, helping the children to feel confident with the times table they are currently learning.

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Welcome back to year 6. We hope that you all had a super summer. It has been so lovely to see the children settling back into the new year 6 routines and how excited they are to engage in learning.


We look forward to sharing lots of learning, key messages and ideas to support your child at home on this web page so please check regularly to keep up to date. As always if there are any questions or concerns please come and talk to us.

What are your children learning this week?
(Week Beginning 17.09.18)


Maths - In Maths this week the children will be learning about place value. We will be investigating numbers up to five digits, including up to 2 decimal places, focusing on their value and writing them in different forms. We will also be learning about rounding and ensuring we are rounding numbers correctly.


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English - In our writing this week we will be focusing on a range of sentence structures according to Alan Peat. We will be looking at what a sentence needs and how we can improve it. We will then go on to apply our knowledge to our writing and topic lessons.

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Reading - This half-term Stingray class will be reading The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo. Next week we will be using our retrieval skills and investigating any vocabulary unknown to us.

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Topic - In Topic, the children will be investigating where and when the remains of the Mayan civilisation were discovered.

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Dates for the diary


Tuesday 18th - Parent's meeting with Year 6 team.


Key Messages

Thank you for your ongoing support with uniform, the children looked extremely smart last week.


Spelling lists are individual to each pupil and will be given out each Monday afternoon to be learnt during the week for an individual test the following Monday. 


PE Days - Week 1: Friday

                  Week 2: Wednesday


Times Tables

Children will be expected to know all of their times tables. Here are some ideas to help you at home to learn them.

  • Recall the times tables in a chant. It is important to chant the whole statement, rather than just the answers.
  • Practice starting the times tables in different orders.
  • Create times tables dominoes. Can you match the question to the answer?
  • Create the times tables by grouping objects that you have around the house.
  • Play times table bingo.
  • Create a times table song.
  • Use online games - example in the link below.
  • Practice them walking to school.