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Sycamore (Yr 6)

Friday June 22nd 


This Friday the Sycamores will be learning about British Values as part of a themed day. These values are outlined  below:


  • Democracy - All children get the opportunity to vote for our School Council members, who provide an important voice for our children - their representation is invaluable and contributes towards how the school is run.

    We also have regular parent surveys & meetings to ensure our parents have a voice too. Again, this is crucial for us to ensure we are getting things right and to let us know where improvements can be made.

    We have a thriving volunteer team that also contribute towards this and a Parent, Staff & Friends Association (PSFA) that vote on funds that we raise and the best way these are to be spent within school.


  • Rule of Law - We have a positive behaviour policy and all work together to ensure that all children within our community feel safe, happy and confident and follow the Golden rules. Good behaviour is rewarded by certificates, lunchtime stars, pencil of the week and the Golden Table.
  • Individual Liberty - We feel that it is crucial for children to be able to make their own choices, from choosing their lunch, to what clubs and activities they’d like to participate in, we promote choice wherever possible.
  • Mutual Respect - Our school values really help to promote respect. In particular, we encourage respect and care for each other and the sharing of ideas. We also support our pupils with EAL with extra English Language lessons and support and ensure that books and other materials are relevant.
  • Tolerance of Different Faiths and Beliefs - The children enjoy learning all about many cultures, faiths and beliefs and we promote this by celebrating and recognising events such as; Christmas, Diwali and Chinese New Year. We also ensure that our library is well stocked with resources for learning about various customs and cultures from around the world.

Week beginning June 18th

Our Learning



During the week beginning 18th June we will be learning about the story of Robin Hood in preparation for our end of year show! We will be exploring playscripts and and using these to create part of a narrative. 



During the week beginning 18th June we will be working on a Theme Park project. We will be planning the layout of the park and calculating budgets and costs.  



We will be learning more about the legend of Robin Hood and planning advertising posters for our production. We will also be starting our rehearsals where we will be developing our drama, oracy and teamwork skills.

Sycamore Timetable Week Beginning June 18th

 Week beginning 14th May 2018


This week the children will be sitting their SATs tests. The children have worked incredibly hard and we are very proud of them and all that they have achieved so far!


The timetable for the tests is:


Monday 14th- Grammar and Spelling papers

Tuesday 15th- Reading paper

Wednesday 16th- Arithmetic and Maths Reasoning paper

Thursday 17th- Maths Reasoning paper


In order to prepare for the tests it would be great if the children could do some reading and  times table practise. 

Please also support your child by ensuring that they get plenty of sleep and have time for some fun and relaxation so that they are rested and ready for the week. 


We look forward to seeing all of the children for breakfast club at 8am each morning!

Welcome to the Sycamore class! 



We have been learning how to calculate with fractions, decimals and percentages. Next week (week beginning 19th March), we will be learning to calculate ratios.

Don't forget the PIXL times table challenge! Who can get to 3,000 questions answered by Friday  23rd March?

You can also log onto My Maths to revise all areas of Maths. 




We are working on inference skills in reading. Make sure you are reading every night at home and get your reading log signed! Can you write some of your own inference questions to test a friend?!



Our writing unit is short stories. We are learning to create atmosphere to engage the reader. Watch this space for an example of our writing!

Tuesday 14th March 2018

Tuesday 13th March 2018


There's a bit of a twist to the 9 before 9 as we've included three reasoning questions. Try and answer the questions in 10-15 minutes but remember if you struggle to do this then we'll work through the answers in the morning.

March 9th 2018

Well done Team Year 6 on what has been a fantastic week! We are all so proud of you as you are working extremely hard. And it is paying off smiley


Here are the 9 before 9 questions which we'll check on Monday morning. If there are any you struggle with we'll work with you so you understand them next time.


Have a great weekend.

March 8th 2018


Well done to those of you that completed yesterday's 9 before 9 - it will make a massive difference to you achieving your target! Remember that this is about collaborative learning which means you are allowed to ask for help and discuss how to find the answers with others.


March 7th 2018


So here they are - the 9 before 9 daily challenge! These will help you hit your target of 34(+) out of 40 in arithmetic tests. It will be challenging but we will be working as a team every morning during breakfast club to make it happen.


Try these at home with an adult and then work together at breakfast club to solve any you are still unsure of, before the answers are revealed.

Complete them in your homework books. If you fancy an extra challenge make up your own similar questions to give to someone in the morning. In order to check your calculations make sense, work out the answers.



Morning Team Sycamore!


I hope you are enjoying the snow and managing to keep warm at the same time!


In case you are getting fed up of cold fingers, or indeed your gaming, here are a few activities for you to complete.


The following link is to Multiflyer which is good for practising your times tables:


Please write a balanced argument discussing the following question:

Should schools close when it snows?


I have attached a writing mat which will remind you of the language conventions you should be including. This piece of writing does not need to be long but should be high quality. Include an introduction, two points for closing schools, two points against and a conclusion. If you would like to include more points, then please do. Also, have a conversation with an adult who will be able to give you some ideas on the points to cover.


The balanced argument is the main piece of work I would like you to complete along with some times tables practice and daily reading (which can include the reading challenges).


Mrs Saunders would like her writing group to practise their spellings and use these words to write creative sentences. The vocabulary can be found in the Year 3 & 4 spelling list below.



Year 3 and 4 spelling list

Arithmetic Challenge (10 questions) along with answers.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Welcome to the Sycamores class page! 



In the Sycamores we work hard and are kind to each other - we're a team! 


Ongoing homework:

*Read FIVE times a week and get your diary signed 

*Practise your times tables so you're really quick at them! 

* Spend some time each week learning from revision books or off the internet independently. Being responsible for your own learning is really important. 



Our Topic:

Our topic this half term is 'The Titanic'! We're so excited to learn lots about this famous vessel! 

Can you think about how this topic links to our topic from last term, 'Frozen Kingdom'?