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Teamwork Ants

One day an ant was walking through a jungle. As he looked around him he could see tall, leafy, trees looming over him, shielding him from the sun’s rays. There were no other animals to be seen but the ant knew that there were monkeys swinging from tree to tree, snakes slithering in the grass, and birds gliding through the sky high above him. All of a sudden he felt very small, and very alone.

The ant continued on his journey, he was going to the great east side of the jungle, and he was excited. The ant had heard that if you wanted to possess all the knowledge of the earth that you had to travel to the lions’ land. In that particular part of the jungle it is possible to find out the answers to any question you could possibly think of! The ant was desperate learn all the things he’d ever wondered and had embarked on his mission to get to the lions’ land days ago.

The ant walked and walked for days and eventually he knew he must be very close to the lions’ land now! He was so excited! All of a sudden he came across a clearing… a river whooshed and splashed through the jungle. The teamwork ant stopped, horrified. How could he get to the lions land now? The river is so much bigger than him there’s no way he can cross it!

The ant sat down, feeling glum he stared at the river as it bubbled past. After all the travelling he had done he would never get to the lions’ land. He couldn’t find out what he wanted to know and he had wasted his time!

After some time a group of ants passed by, they saw the ant sitting by the river and he looked so sad that they stopped and asked him, “what is wrong?”. The ant explained his problem. The ants gathered round in a huddle and began to whisper. They all scurried away without a word and began to line up, one behind the other. The ant looked up, he was curious, “what are they doing?” he wondered. Just as he was about to ask the group what they were doing the ants began to cheer and one called to him, “Come with us! Come on!”

The ant watched in amazement as the group of ants held hands and stretched out in the water- they were forming a bridge! The ants were laying flat across the banks, each one holding the legs of the ant in front of them. “Come across, walk over us!” they cried! The ant looked at the bridge, he couldn’t believe it, he had the chance to cross the river! However, if just one of the ants gave up, if they let go whilst he was on the bridge he would fall into the river and be swept away! He decided to go for it, trusting the team of ants below him he slowly crawled along the ant bridge and jumped to the bank on the other side. He had made it! He had got to the lions’ land!

The ant was thrilled and began to walk away calling “thank you!”, as he walked away he glanced over his shoulder and saw the ants who had worked together to help him. They were struggling to get back to their side of the river. The ant ran back and reached out, offering his hand to the ant nearest to him to pull him to safety. After the first ant was on the bank they pulled up the next one, and the next one, and the next one, until all of the ants were safely out of the water.  Triumphantly the ants leapt to their feet, ready for their next adventure; if they worked as a team they could do anything!