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Year 2

Aut 1 – Curious Castles

During this topic the children will explore stories about brave knights and kings. They will learn about important historical events and significant inspirational people, including William The Conqueror. They will be able to compare their life today to life in the past using a variety of texts and visiting a local castle. They will learn about how and why castles were built, how they were defended and the weapons that were used to attack them.


Aut 2 – To infinity and Beyond

During this half terms topic we will be travelling to infinity and beyond, exploring the farthest reaches of our solar system! We will be imagining life in space and the aliens that might live there. We will be writing imaginative stories and poems based on aliens and space travel. As part of this we will be investigating light and sounds and we will be designing and building rockets to travel across the classroom.


Spr 1 – The Scented Garden

This topic is Science based. Pupils will be finding out about plants. They will learn about what plants need to survive and how they should be looked after, this will involve children creating their own ‘Butterfly garden’.

We will observe and describe how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants and gather data and use observations to help us answer questions. We will be writing instructions for others to help them plant and look after their plants.

Pupils will also be exploring traditional tales. We will be reading the story of Jack and the Beanstalk; we will be sequencing key events in the story and exploring different versions of the story.


Spr 2 – Wriggle and Crawl



Sum 1 - Land Ahoy!



Sum 2 - Street Detectives