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Youcan Toucan

The You Can Toucan is a beautiful bird with a long multi-coloured beak that shines like the sun. She has sparkly-yellow, beady eyes and small dull claws and lives in the jungle.

In the jungle where the You Can Toucan lives the trees are as tall as giants. The jungle has monkeys which have brown fluffy fur and they make everyone laugh because they cheer and chatter “oo-ah-oo-ah-ah”.

One morning whilst flying through the giant tress the toucan noticed a group of animals playing football and thought to herself, “Look at those skills!” They were kicking, flying, diving, sliding and flipping the ball. The toucan watched in amazement as the giraffe headed the ball straight into the goal! The toucan wished she could play, she asked the animals if she could join in but they said “NO!” and shouted at her.  This made her feel very sad indeed!

However, she kept on thinking about what the football team had said to her, the animals had said “you’re too small and weak” and “we need big tall strong players”.

The toucan quietly walked home feeling rather miserable. When she got back to her bright, colourful house she thought about what she could do about her terrible problem. She began thinking positive thoughts and decided to train at football.

Then she thought she might fail horrendously.... maybe the other animals were right; maybe she couldn’t do it? Once again though, she began thinking positive thoughts. The toucan was determined and said “I can do this!” So, she trained in her grassy back garden, “Ok, this is hard” she thought to herself but she kept positive throughout and persevered continuing to challenge herself. Slowly but surely she got better and better.

The toucan felt so proud of herself! All of the hard work was paying off. She decided it was time to show the other animals her new skills; she went out with a football and started dribbling, heading, and shooting the ball. It seemed there was nothing she could not do!

Slowly, the other animals began to notice her; they all wanted her to be on their team now! The called her over and she joined in the match they were playing, the colourful toucan dribbled the ball along the shiny green grass, she took a shot and scored a goal in the last minute of the game. The team won the gold, shiny cup, they were happy and cheering their heads off and shook lemonade and sprayed it all over the toucan! What a celebration!

Nearby, a spider had watched the animals play football, his favourite player was the toucan, he was impressed with her skill and how hard she worked. When the game was over the spider asked if he could join in and play. The animals all laughed and said “No, we’ve finished playing but anyway you are too small to play football”. The spider was disappointed, and began to walk away.

Then suddenly, the toucan said “YES YOU CAN!” you can play and help us win! The spider hesitated, he looked unsure... the toucan called over, “come on, YES YOU CAN, always stay positive!”